Prof. Reitzig's podcast now part of the "brand eins" network


"Neues aus der Managementforschung in 220 Sekunden" is one of only ten podcasts featured by brand eins as part of their network.

After striking out on his own with the first episodes of the podcast, we are happy to report that Prof. Reitzig's "Neues aus der Spitzenforschung in 220 Sekunden" has garnered the interest of brand eins. From September 2023 onwards you will therefore be able to encounter "Neues aus der Managementforschung in 220 Sekunden" as part of the brand eins network, being one of ten podcasts featured.

To German-speaking individuals with an interest in developments in the field of economics, brand eins will likely be a familiar name - the brand eins magazine is one of the most popular names when it comes to high quality economic journalism. 

After a slightly relaxed upload-schedule over the summer, we are now back to our regular bi-monthly uploads on the 1st and 15th of each month. Catch the upcoming episode on September 15 on Spotify.