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For information on events, research, teaching and other things happening at the Department of Accounting, Innovation and Strategy take a look below! 


Prof. Dutta (University of California; Berkeley Haas School of Business) will hold a seminar on innovation incentives in the beginning of June.


This year the Summer School on Accounting will take place in Bern, Switzerland, from June 7-9.


Jointly organised by members of the LMU Munich, the...


Valentina Richter, Robert Janjic, Prof. Keck, Prof. Reitzig and their former colleague Ass.-Prof. Klapper (Purdue University) explore the topic of...


"Neues aus der Spitzenforschung in 220 Sekunden" provides easy access to insights from recently published research.


Prof. Reitzig has written about flattening hierarchies for a recent issue of the Handelsblatt.


The journal Standort38, as well as the Handelsblatt have recently published reviews of Prof. Reitzig's latest book.