New podcast by Prof. Reitzig


"Neues aus der Spitzenforschung in 220 Sekunden" provides easy access to insights from recently published research.

It can be difficult to stay up-to-date with international research - finding articles actually relevant to your interests, and, if you are a practitioner, which also provide you with insights applicable to your work reality, is the first hurdle; finding the time to do an in-depth reading, filtering out the key points and relevant information often hardly seems feasible next to work and everyday-life responsibilities.

To make things easier, you can tune in to "Neues aus der Spitzenforschung in 220 Sekunden", a new podcast by Prof. Reitzig, going over some of the most exciting new research published in the field of management and organisation sciences. Each episode presents one recently published academic article - summarised for your convenience in just under 220 seconds.

You can find the playlist for the podcast on Youtube. (New episodes to come soon!)